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    Navigating the sea waves is an unusual, a very complex art that has challenged the human being for hundreds of years to explore this possibility of interaction with nature. Learning to ride the waves has become easier and possible through techniques developed by surfers to properly teach people of all ages and skill levels with specific equipment. It is currently practiced professionally at a level previously unimaginable and propagated throughout the world by people of all ages.

    Our Method

    The surf school's teaching is based on the Australian Coach program which starts with basic safety rules, detailed introduction of all the important issues related to the elements: ocean, equipment, techniques and the environment that you will be taught. From the assessment made during the first class, a program will be assigned to each student according to their need.

    Surf for Beginners

    For people who are still with little or no experience, basic notion of actions, movements and positions of extreme importance will be developed. This will prepare the reflexes and muscular memory for the most difficult and complex situations to which the next level of learning will commence at sea and in the waves. We cherish the richness of the student's learning content and preparation to help each person to rise to new challenges and skill levels, not only teaching how to stand on a board.

    Surf for Intermediates

    For more experienced students, individually as always, we review and improve some basic points that require attention, direct and guide the development of the necessary techniques to reach the next level to be raised. Surfers at this level require very variable attention and specificity, it depends a lot on each person, on the experience they have already had with the practice and expectations to be achieve.

    Additional Activities

    In the program, we suggest that some complementary activities might be practiced helping develop the teaching of techniques in water. Free time can be used to develop a better posture and positioning, activities such as specific personal exercises, stretching, muscles releasing, skateboarding on the condominium street or in our waveform bowl can help progression.

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    Surf Trips

    During the weekly program and according to the conditions of the waves, we offer surf trips to specific beaches that help the preparation of students and their development of techniques. Moreover, in this way, we are providing tours and possibilities of exploration of our coast. We give preference to beaches that are suitable according to the condition of the waves, winds and that are safe, clean and beautiful.