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The surf camp

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Our history

How it came about

In 2004 former Bahian professional surfer Beto Dias and his Swiss friend Rene Baumgartner developed the initial project to welcome, accommodate and teach people to surf, all in a heavenly, safe and regulated environment of local culture and food.

Beto's experience

The founder and owner of Bahia Surf Camp, Beto Dias competed professionally in the 90s. Being one of the best surfers in the state of Bahia, Bahian champion in 1999 and known nationally as a promoter and host of the coast and waves of Bahia in television and specialised magazines

Busca vida playground

Beto's parents found this piece of paradise back in the 70’s. Now it is an protected environmental preservation area, by the sea and surrounded with forest, lagoon and sand dunes. This special location has restricted access to residents only from the condominium. Throughout family life, this has always been a place of rest and much joy on holidays and weekends. Fortunately, this chosen spot is exactly in front one of the best reef breaks of the whole beach, with perfect waves on the south swell days! Find out more about the Location..


Healthy life

The life of every sportsman, with a few exceptions, is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, with eating habits and ideal well-being practices that match an ideal physical preparation for increased performance. From the creation of the project, Beto has been concerned with offering home-cooked, fresh and lovingly prepared meals. Over the years, we have evolved recipes, always cherishing a healthy, light preparation with fresh ingredients and whenever possible avoiding industrialised products. We now also adapt our menu for vegetarians, vegans and people with specific intolerances.

Paradise awaits

Busca vida

The surf camp is located in front of Busca Vida private beach which was founded in the 1960s, in an old Busca Busca farm. The founders of the condominium were visionary people, they created rules and limits of access as well as urban growth and beautiful landscapes. With a total of more than 6 million square meters, the entire private condominium location contains areas of forest, sand dunes, lagoon and beach, with a length of more than 7 km. Busca Vida has a little more than 3,000 inhabitants living among this place of sanctuary in the middle of an urban centre.

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Bahia Surf Camp is located just 20 minutes North of Salvador de Bahia International Airport (SSA) The best way to get here is calling an UBER, type "Bahia Surf Camp" as destination. The average cost is 7 Euros.


The Bahia Surf Camp is located inside of Condominium Busca Vida (gated community) with restricted access. Once you confirm the booking you must fill out the security information form to be granted access through the main gate from 7 AM to 9 PM. If you arrived from 9 PM to 7 AM, You must use the special driver service who has access to the main gate and to the Surf Camp. He will pick you up at the airport for the cost of 20 Euros. to be paid directly to the driver.